"Folklore Museum"

The Folklore Museum of Nisyros is located at Mandraki. Housed in a two-storey 18th century manor house donated by Kostas and Eleni Sakellaridis, which has been restored by the municipality. The rooms are configured to include the rooms a traditional Nisyrian House, as is the kitchen, oven, bedroom etc.The Museum exhibited creations of folklore, primarily utilitarian objects used in past Nisyros in their daily occupations like ploughs, sickles, tubs, hand querns, jars and more. At the same time you'll see special featured photographs and various mementos of the past. Also at the Museum you will see old embroideries and textiles, papers, books, and various chests crafting projects.Interestingly, in the bedroom, the so-called Moni (Abbey), namely the traditional bed that once accommodated the whole Nisyrian family, whilst at the same time it included two repositories, the cellar and the glavani (hatch), which led to a place where they kept clothes, bed sheets and other various items.