"634 Minutes Inside the Volcano"

SD VOLCANIC ENGLISH15 of the most gifted Greek artists will meet for the first time and improvise for 10 hours and 34 minutes. Probably one of the most captivating and ambitious site-specific projects that has ever happened in Greece, will take place in the amazingly unworldly and enchanting environment of Nisyros’ active volcano crater, that will last one whole night under the August full moon. Situated at the core of this unique natural scenery, at the bottom of a huge volcano crater, 300 meters in diameter, at the remote island of Nisyros, 15 musicians will engage in an unprecedented experiment, creating a lengthy improvisational music piece that will be composed on the fly.  The event will start at sunset on Thursday 18th of August at 19:58 and will conclude 634 minutes later, at sunrise at 06:32 on the morning of Friday 19th of August.

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